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Ecuador’s Top Island and Coastal Destinations

Ecuador is located next to the South Pacific Ocean so there are many popular islands and coastal cities travelers should visit. If you are planning a vacation in Ecuador, we recommend that you include at least one of these stops in your itinerary.


The largest city in Ecuador is also one of the most popular travel destinations this country has to offer. Like most major cities in the world, Guayaquil has everything from museums to high-end hotels, restaurants, and shops but also smaller bohemian areas, affordable seafood and tourist attractions. You definitely shouldn’t miss out on The Malecón 2000 waterfront area! It has everything from the city’s most important historic monuments to botanical gardens and interesting markets.


This small relaxed village differs from other destinations in Ecuador due to its unique stress-free atmosphere. If you want a holiday full of the laid-back lifestyle and beautiful views, Canoa is the right choice for you. You may meet other travelers in this fishing village but it’s not completely crowded with tourists like some other South American beach destinations. It’s perfect for surfing, sunbathing or a yoga retreat.

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are the perfect destination for nature lovers. Everyone should visit Galapagos at least once in their lifetime! Most of us have learned about the Galapagos Islands in school due to its diverse ecosystem and unique wildlife, as well as its importance in global scientific studies. The islands themselves were made by volcanoes. Our Galapagos hotel is situated in the main city of this reserved natural archipelago, Puerto Ayora, where you will be exposed not only to the incredible national park, but also to a rich and interesting human aspect of the development of these gorgeous islands.

It’s easy to see and experience many different things while in the Galapagos Islands because there is an abundance of amazing local Galapagos tours available. You can see underground tunnels, volcanoes, baby giant tortoises, sealions, marine iguanas, and other interesting animals throughout the islands. If you aren’t a big fan of wildlife adventures, you can learn to dive, sunbathe on beautiful beaches, or just relax in our Galapagos hotel with a cocktail in your hand. No matter how you want to spend your vacation in Galapagos, we will help connect you with the most reliable local tour operators in Puerto Ayora. 


Dancing, surfing, and the best parties in Ecuador. Sounds great, right? Before Montaňita was known as a party destination, it was mainly taken over by surfers and fishermen who deemed it the best beach in Ecuador. Nowadays, local youth and travelers from around the world come here on weekends to enjoy the Montaňita nightlife.

If you are thinking of visiting various beach destinations in Ecuador, we recommend stopping at all of the wonderful places listed above. Make Guayaquil your home-base so you can reach all the other destinations easily. You can take a bus to Montaňita and Canoa or fly to the Galapagos Islands from the Guayaquil airport. If you decide to visit Galapagos, use these instructions to reach the best hotel in Puerto Ayora, Ikala Hotel. We suggest reserving a separate trip for your visit to Galapagos since there is so much to see! Learn about our Galapagos Island Hopping Tour here. Contact us for more information about availability and reservations and for other incredible options for your journey.