Redefining luxury and comfort.

The brand new Ikala Hotel was built with a focus on sustainability and protecting the environment. The hotel is protected from the strong Galapagos sun by the surrounding beautiful trees and gardens giving to the whole ambiance a natural freshness.
The hotel features a lovely swimming pool, bar area, and a beautiful terrace located on top of the main building, where you can find the restaurant and resting area. The terrace has an incredible view to the Puerto Ayora harbor.

Embark on Your Galapagos Adventure

with Ikala Hotel

Ikala Hotel is located in the small city of Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island. The hotel is just one block away from the main pier, allowing you to easily reach the pier and the main streets of Puerto Ayora (Avenida Baltra and Avenida Charles Darwin) where you will find plenty of shops, restaurants, bars and other facilities. Learn more about the best activities Galapagos Islands has to offer.

Find the Perfect Room

Ikala Hotel has a variety of comfortable, spacious suites to choose from. All rooms are equipped with private bathrooms, air conditioning, and silent fans.
premium suite ikala galapagos hotel


This large suite features a spacious balcony, air conditioning, and a silent fan. Starting at $250/night.
standard room ikala galapagos hotel


Our comfortable classic room features air conditioning, a silent fan, and a private bathroom. Starting at $220/night.


This luxury suite has two floors, with a separate living and kitchen area on the lower level. Starting at $350/night.

Why Guests Love

Ikala Hotel

Ikala Hotel offers luxurious new amenities, comfortable suites, and premium service, allowing for the perfect Galapagos vacation. Complete with a stunning pool, rooftop terrace, restaurant, and bar, Ikala Hotel is the ideal location for your trip.

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