Galapagos Islands

Best Sunsets in Santa Cruz Island

The visual image of the sun setting on the beach is a relaxing and beautiful picture. Now, imagine being able to watch it in person in the Galapagos Islands, what an unforgettable experience that would be. Santa Cruz Island has three outstanding spots to watch a perfect and remarkable sunset.

Tortuga Bay

One of the most beautiful beaches in the world is Tortuga Bay. Located in Santa Cruz Island, this area features white sandy beaches, mangrove trees, pristine turquoise calm water, and during nesting season many sea turtles visit it. Sometimes you can even spot blue-footed boobies nest on the cliffs or flamingos taking a dip in the water.

The best time to visit this magnificent beach is in the afternoon, so you can enjoy an incredible sunset. The park closes at 6 PM. So, when you’re walking back along the beach, you’ll be able to watch the sundown. The water forms a mirror on the shore, reflecting fluffy clouds drifting through a reddish and purple sky. This is a perfect spot for a romantic getaway.

There are 2 ways to arrive to this site, by the sea via sea taxis that pick up passengers from the pier of Puerto Ayora or by foot. Our Galapagos hotel is located in the center of Puerto Ayora, about three kilometers away from Tortuga Bay Beach. You can plan a day trip or just a half-day trip to have a great experience in Tortuga Bay.

Cerro Mesa

Cerro Mesa provides an impressive view of Santa Cruz Island and its surroundings because it’s 490m above sea level . In fact, it’s the highest point of Santa Cruz. There you’ll be able to observe numerous endemic plants as well as up to 7 species of finch and the vermilion flycatcher. The panoramic views get better at sunset, when the fresh air and colorful sky complete the relaxing atmosphere.

Ikala Galapagos Hotel Restaurant

The newest hotel in Puerto Ayora offers comfortable accommodations, many amenities, and unmatched services, including a restaurant and bar. Ikala Galapagos Hotel features a beautiful terrace located on top of the main building, where you can find the restaurant and lounging area. The terrace has an incredible view to the Puerto Ayora harbor, where the sunsets vistas are breathtaking.

The fantastic views can be accompanied by delicious dishes and refreshing beverages offered in our restaurant. The atmosphere is delightful and relaxing. Start planning your trip to the enchanted Galapagos Island with the help of our lovely staff here!