Galapagos Islands

4 Amazing Things to Do in the Galapagos Islands This Spring

The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador have been a point of fascination for nature lovers and adventure seekers worldwide. Tourists from around the world visit the islands, not only because they want to visit Charles Darwin’s stomping grounds, but also because of the unique wildlife and flora on the islands. There are so many different species to see up close and amazing activities to experience. The brand new Ikala Hotel is located on Santa Cruz Island, and offers the best accommodations and service in the Galapagos Islands. If you’re planning a stay at Ikala Hotel soon, here are some the best activities in Galapagos check out:

Swim with the Sea Lions

The Galapagos Islands are home to numerous sea creatures, and one of the most popular is the sea lion. Sea lions are extremely curious and you might just encounter some while scuba diving off the coast of the Galapagos Islands. They are one of Galapagos’ major attractions and visitors love seeing them around the islands. The most amazing thing about sea lions is their adaptability to different conditions — underwater, and on land. Come see these adorable creatures yourself!

Post Office Bay

Post Office Bay is located on Floreana Island and historically served as a communication channel for sailors and their families. Sailors devised a clever solution for being homesick: they left letters in a certain place on Floreana, and when passing ships stopped there on their way back to their home port, they would pick up all the letters destined for that place and deliver them. In some cases, letters would take years to deliver! The place on Floreana where the letters were left became known as Post Office Bay.

The most amazing part of this historical tale is that the system is still working! Every year, thousands of Galapagos visitors drop off letters and postcards in Post Office Bay. Other visitors headed close to an addressee will pick up the letters and take them home.

Swim With Sharks

The Galapagos marine life offers several amazing sights, but the experience of swimming with sharks tops the list for adventure seekers! Coming close to these amazing creatures that are typically classified amongst the most dangerous, is an unforgettable experience. Our staff can help you find tours where you can go diving with sharks safely.

Wine and Dine at a Galapagos Hotel

Amazing meals and the world`s best wines are served at Ikala Hotel, the best hotel in Puerto Ayora. Every morning, our hotel serves a delicious buffet to give you energy as you prepare for an amazing day on the islands. For vegetarians, our chefs can make special arrangements for you upon arrival. Every evening, healthy international and local dishes are served. Come enjoy the luxurious experience offered at Ikala Hotel’s Terrace Bar & Restaurant.

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