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4 Fascinating Secret Travel Destinations in South America

 Among the many things South America is known for, two things tend to stand out: adventurous travel tours and the rich and amazing culture. However, South America has many secret travel destinations many haven’t heard of. You wouldn’t even think that they could be reachable by a novice traveler. In this blog, we want to introduce you to four South American hidden gems.

Chan Chan in Northern Peru

When we think about Peru, we tend to think about Machu Picchu. The truth is that Peru has a lot more to offer for any travel enthusiast. Chan Chan is another UNESCO World Heritage site in Peru, that does not receive much attention, but definitely deserves much more. You can skip the long tourist lines and see something much more unique here in comparison to the more popular heritage destinations in South America. Chan Chan is also an archaeological site and the old capital of the Chimor empire that was later a part of the widely known Inca empire.

The Galapagos Islands

You have probably heard about the Galapagos Islands before, but many people haven’t considered them as a holiday destination. Because of its close links to evolution, scientific investigation, Charles Darwin, and much more, many people think it is hard to get to Galapagos despite the daily flights from Ecuador’s biggest airports. The Ikala Galapagos Hotel is situated on the biggest city in Galapagos, Puerto Ayora. When staying at Ikala Hotel, you can easily enjoy day trips around Santa Cruz island including hiking, scuba diving, adventure cruises and more.

For those who want to make the most out of their vacation on this hidden gem, we recommend a Galapagos island hopping tour. You will see many exclusive places on the tour and have plenty of time to explore them thoroughly with a local guide, and at your own pace.

French Guiana

French Guiana is a French region located on the northern coast of South America. If visiting the rest of France isn’t possible, you can take a trip to this part of the country on the other side of the world. There is a European space center and if you are lucky, you might catch them sending something into space. There are lots of colonial buildings and areas that differ from the normal American style and resemble European countries more closely.

Southern Brazil

During recent years, Southern Brazil has risen in popularity among travelers. Large cities, ancient ruins and idyllic small towns make this beautiful destination boundless. There is something for everyone in Southern Brazil. You can stay in Curitiba, where there are many tourist attractions like labyrinthine French gardens, and great transportation possibilities in the area. We suggest a day trip to Superagui National Park or other larger cities close-by.

Not sure where to start? Contact us here to learn more about our brand-new hotel in Galapagos, Ikala Hotel. Explore the best parts of the Galapagos Islands with our local tour partners. Interested in Visiting Peru, Bolivia, or other parts of South America? We can help too! Contact us here for more information.