Galapagos Islands

6 Fun Facts About Galapagos’ Sea Lions

One of the most cutest and friendliest  animals here in the Galapagos are our Sea Lions. These creatures are really fascinating and have qualities that are very hard to miss. However, you may not know everything about them. Read on to learn six fun facts about Sea Lions.

They Live Together As A Big Family  

Sea Lions live in colonies or large groups. There can be thousands within one colony, but there are usually several subgroups inside of it. They can also move from subgroup to subgroup during their lifetimes. Even though they often have plenty of room to spread out in their colonies, they love to be really close to each other.

They’re Mammals

Sea lions give birth to pups and the females produce milk to nurse their young – just like puppies! So, they are marine mammals. They carry their babies in their tummies between eight to eleven months and their pups are born on land. The puppies will nurse from their mother for four to twelve months.

They’re “Pinnipeds”

Sea lions belong to a group of animals called “pinnipeds,” which means means that they have a winged foot. Other pinnipeds include seals and walruses.  

There is Different Sea Lion Species

There are seven different Sea Lions’species including Galapagos Sea Lions, which are actually the smallest ones. You can find several sea lions in the archipelago and the best part is that they’re fairly social and can be seen easily. This is one of the reasons tourists love coming to the Galapagos

They Aren’t Actually Lazy

It is believed that Sea Lions are lazy because they  are often spotted sunbathing on sandy shores or rock groups, but they simply enjoy relaxing and basking in the sun.  Actually, a foraging trip for a sea lion may entail 85 to 198 dives, so they actually need all the rest they can get. 

They Are Endangered

Humans have hunted sea lions for many years and atone point, they were actually on the brink of extinction. However, International laws now prohibit the hunting of sea lions in an effort to protect and save them. 

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