Galapagos Islands

The Magical Lagoon Of Nymphs

Another wonder of the Galapagos Islands is the Lagoon of the Nymphs, which features  spectacular turquoise-green waters, different ecosystems of mangroves, fishes, shorebirds and more. It is a stunning place where you can enjoy a spectacular landscape walking around the lagoon.  Keep reading everything to learn about the magical Lagoon of the Nymphs.

The Route

Evenings in Puerto Ayora are perfect for evening walks. A few meters from the city is the “Laguna de las Ninfas”, an enchanted place, where you can have a delightful walk around the lagoon. The route is also educational as it is marked by informative panels that describe the environment and its qualities.

Thanks to the mangroves, important ecosystems such as fish, molluscs and crustaceans are purifying the water and protecting the coast from waves and tsunamis.

Connect With Nature

Lagoon of the Nymphs is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the stillness of nature. In fact, one of the marked paths of the park advises you: “Escucha el silencio” (Listen to the silence).

By day the lagoon is  a calm place to see a unique Galapagos scenery, which includes the crystal clear water, a variety of small fishes on it, different species of mangroves and Candelabra cactus populate the rocky crags above it. A long wooden boardwalk path borders the lagoon sometimes walking for the land and sometimes through the water it self, making this way a relaxing afternoon stroll all over the beautiful lagoon.

The Lava Heron

Close to the end of the walk, you may see a new type of bird, perched on the rocks along the water’s edge. Even though it might look like a species of egret, actually, it is a lava heron. Its exclusive gray-blue coloration is designed to blend with lava rocks. During the mating season, its legs turn bright orange but these fade to gray after the breeding season. The lava heron is endemic to the Galapagos and is found all over the mangrove areas on the islands.

Perfect Location

This remarkable place is located in Santa Cruz, the most inhabited island of the Galapagos.  This beautiful natural retreat is also, just a five minute walk from the best Hotel in Galapagos. Ikala Galapagos Hotel offers comfortable accommodation, premium service, besides our attentive employees that will be ready to help you with information about the different attractions you can visit from our location in Puerto Ayora. So come and have a once-in-a-lifetime vacation you won’t regret !