Galapagos Islands

All You Need To Know About Rabida Island

Each island that is part of the Galapagos has unique characteristics that distinguish them from each other. One of these remarkable islands is Rabida Island, also known as Jervis. The island is very popular because of its ordinary red beaches. Also, due to its located in the archipelago’s volcanic origin, it is one of the most diverse in terms of volcanic activity. keep reading to learn more about the unique Rabida Island.

The Island

The island was named Jervis in honor of British Admiral John Jervis. However, the official name of the island is Rábida, after the convent of Rábida, where Columbus, during his voyage to the Americas left his son.

This small, arid island has many volcanic craters. But what catches visitor’s attention about Rabida Island are its beaches filled with red sand. Thanks to a large amount of iron in the lava,the sand has taken a crimson color, which creates one of the most beautiful and unusual landscapes.

Its species

At the island, you can spot several Galapagos species including Marine Iguanas, Mockingbirds, Yellow Warblers, Brown Pelicans, Finches, Galapagos Doves, Sea Turtles, Sea Lions Blue-footed boobies and Nazca boobies.  Due to its aridity, the island does not have much vegetation, however, it features Galapagos Cactus and Palo Santo trees.

Activities to do

The photogenic reddish shore of the island brings a stunning scenery! At the beach, you can spot many Sea Lions resting  alongside marine Iguanas. There’s a trail around the island that leads to lagoons filled with Flamingos, Pintail Ducks, Common Stilts and awesome viewpoints.

The island’s clear waters offer the opportunity to scuba dive and spot White Tipped Sharks, Rays, Sea Turtles and colorful tropical fishes. Also, the water in this island isn’t as cold as other around  islands therefore swimming is also a good activity to do.This island is also perfect for bird watching due to its rich variety of bird species. For example, if you visit the rock cliffs, you can sport the famous Galapagos Blue-footed and Nazca Boobies. 

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