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Photography Tips For The Galapagos Islands

Galapagos island landscapes and wildlife are perfect for a awesome shocks. That’s why many photographers love the archipelago. However, it’s not easy to capture the perfect image. To do so,  there are some consideration to take in account. Here we show you some Galapagos Photography tips.


Tips for wildlife photos 

The exotic Galapagos wildlife is really attractive and at the same time fragile. To have great results, and respect the fauna there are some things you should pay attention to. 

  1. Don’t get too close

Galapagos animals are used to people. That’s why they’re fearless, and they’ll get close to you. This can ruin a good shoot, because your photo may be blurry. So, there’s a six foot rule that regulates the distance between tourists and wildlife. Because the wildlife does get so close, you won’t need a powerful zoom.

  1. Take it easier

Wildlife is abundant and friendly, take your time to observe and enjoy. By being patient you’ll get to know your subject and subsequently capture more interesting shots. Remember not to rush around them. Approach to them slowly, with care,  and keep watching before hurrying onto the next spot.  

  1. Get Down Low

A technique that really works to take large shots of wildlife in Galapagos is going down to the ground, were you’ll be able to see different species that inhabit the ground. Much of the wild life of the islands resides quite close to the ground level. For example,  Sea Lions basking in the sand, a colorful and funny Crab Sally Lightfoot or a Giant Tortoise moving slowly. So, don’t hesitate to look on the ground, this way you will enjoy the best of the adventure in the Galapagos. Also, you’ll make new memories with fascinating shots of the wildlife that inhabits the islands.

Lighting tips

  1. Sunrise and Sunset 

A essential thing for good photos is the lighting. In the Galapagos you will be able to see spectacular sunrises and sunsets, were the light is soft and perfect for your shots.  But during noon the sun will be directly overhead, making more difficult to find the right angle to take the picture. Remember: the sunrise and sunset are fast, so you must be ready. This way your photos will have the perfect and radiant lighting that you are looking for.

  1. Flash

In galapagos islands the use of flashes is strictly forbidden. So, be sure to switch off the flash! It’s usually bright enough to take good photos. However, if you’re in need of extra light, you can simply increase the ISO setting, or you could ask your guide if you’re allowed to use a reflector.

With these tips you’re prepared to coming away with some incredible shots that capture the unique essence of the Galapagos, so you can  relive the experience for years to come. Make the newest Puerto Ayora hotel your home base for an unforgettable experience. Ikala Galapagos Hotel offer the ideal location to explore the beauty of the archipelago. Also, offer luxury and comfortable accommodation, unmatched services and amazing amenities. Start planning your trip to Galapagos today!