Galapagos Islands

The Most Popular Islands Of The Galapagos

Charles Darwin described the Galapagos Islands as “a little world within itself” due to its varied wildlife and different landscapes. There is a huge variety of exotic species such as giant tortoises, marine iguanas with bright colors and blue-footed boobies, making it a perfect place for photography lovers. Keep on reading to see our list of the best Islands to visit on your dream trip to the Galapagos Islands.

San Cristóbal

San Cristóbal is a small town, an airport and a military base. It is one of the best islands to visit in the Galapagos. There you can swim around the white coral beaches and observe many species of birds including the blue-footed booby, and the nightingale Chatham, and  the San Cristóbal lava lizard. You’ll be able to dive into the ocean to see sea lions, stingrays, sharks, octopus, barracudas and some neon color fish.

You can also visit Pitt Point, a park with trees and small bushes and the perfect area for short walks. At this park, you’ll be able to see sea turtle nests and the mating dance of blue footed boobies. And it is in San Cristobal where you can find the largest freshwater lake in the entire archipelago. Click here to know more about this beautiful island.


Floreana has some beautiful beaches to relax in. Also, between December and May, pink flamingos and sea turtles nestle the island filling it with beauty. It is possible to see the dolphins swimming in the water. You can also find a small population of Galapagos penguins and the endemic Floreana mockingbird.

Beyond the charm of blue water, you’ll find many cactus and shrubs, which makes it a favorite among plant enthusiasts. In addition to this, there are beautiful landscapes and meadows that seem to come out of a movie. You can also visit the bay of the post office where today you can send a postcard as long as you take some to send to other travelers.

Santa Cruz

The second largest island of the archipelago is Santa Cruz, a volcanic island in the heart of Galapagos. In this beautiful region you can exprolate two craters call “Los Gemelos” ( the twins) that were formed with the collapse of a magma chamber which creates impressive lava tunnels. In Puerto Ayora, which is the main and most inhabited port, you will find the national tourist offices of Galapagos, Also, you can swim with sea turtles or observe birds at Las Bachas beach.

This island is characterized by its geological landscape and its natural charms including its beautiful beaches, unique animal species, exuberant vegetation, craters and lava tunnels. So come to enjoy the best of Santa Cruz Island by staying at the newest hotel in Puerto Ayora. At Ikala Galapagos Hotel, we offer you the best service and accommodation for your Galapagos trip. We have a swimming pool, bar area, and a beautiful terrace where you can find the restaurant. Start planning your adventure to the archipelago!