Galapagos Islands

Puerto Ayora Farmer’s Market

Puerto Ayora holds its weekly farmer’s market every Saturday. This busy place is a sensation for the eyes, the ears and the nose. Food lovers and photographers are often  delighted by all the colors and scenes. Below we dive into to what this market offers!

First of all, tourists should know there are actually two actually two markets in Puerto Ayora. There is permanent one on the west side of town, which is a traditional store, and there’s the farmer’s market, which happens on the east side of town every Saturday morning. Both of them are referred to as “the market”  and both are on the same street. We will now focus on Puerto Ayora’s farmers market, which offers mostly fresh meat and produce.

You can buy almost everything you can think of.

The variety of products distinguishes Puerto Ayora farmer’s market from all other markets. In this market, you can find brown, white and blue eggs, strawberries the size of a tiny person’s fist and all kinds of meat and fish. The fruit and vegetables are always fresh and ready to eat. You can find all sorts of produce items including grapes, apples, bananas, guavas  broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, potatoes, and onions.

If you head there during lunch time, several stands offer street food, including delicious sugar cane empanadas and sweet plantain doughnuts.   

It’s an opportunity to blend as a local.

The market is always busy, but it doesn’t get overcrowded. The farmers market is also a great opportunity to experience the local lifestyle and meet some of the Galapagos resident as they visit the market for their weekly shopping.

Most of the people at the market are dressed in modern clothes: jeans, T-shirts, aprons, shorts. However, you will also get to see many of the sellers using their “traditional”ecuadorian outfits.

Great prices and great quality.

Just like every Latin American market, the farmer’s market offer low prices for quality products. Locally grown produce is offered for sale and that’s why many locals go every week.

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