Galapagos Islands

Traveling to the Galapagos Islands – Tips

The majestic Galapagos islands are full of surprises and things to do. Below are some things to keep in mind before traveling in order to make this the best experience possible.

Before taking the plane

Before flying to the Galapagos, there are a few things to be aware of. Once you arrive in Quito or Guayaquil, you must buy a US $20 Transit Control Card that will be used to enter and exit the islands. This card can only be purchased in cash and is available at any airport in Ecuador.

The Transit Control Card System is used by INGALA to monitor the amount of visitors to the islands and their length of stay. It also helps keep track of conservation and sustainable development projects as well as aid in long-term planning for all aspects of life on the islands.


Before traveling to Galapagos it’s important to make sure that you have at least six months of validity on your passport. If it expires in less than six months from the date of your arrival, you might have some problems getting out. Upon arriving in Ecuador, immigration officers will check your passport and any proof of onward transport.

You also cannot fly out of the U.S for more than 90 days without a special visa. If you are planning on extending your stay and your tourist visa, it is highly recommended that you arrange it before entering Ecuador.

What not to bring

It is important to keep in mind that the islands face a serious threat from non-native plants and invasive species. There are strict controls at the airport to prevent any pets, food, plants, or any form of agriculture from entering the Galapagos Islands.

Entrance fee

At the Galapagos airport you will need to pay the Galapagos National Park entrance fee of US $100.00 in cash. This money is used to finance the conservation of flora and fauna biodiversity, terrestrial and marine life, and benefits the local community by improving basic services for visitors and residents.


Cars and other forms of self-transportation are hard to come by at the Galapagos. However, there are free airline shuttles available at the airport that will take you to a ferry at the Itabaca Channel. You will then cross the channel and either hire private transportation or hop on a line bus that will take you to Puerto Ayora.

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