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The World’s Most Beautiful Archipelagos

Warm turquoise waters, 365 days of shiny sun, palm trees, white sand and the sounds of the sea, this is the description of an authentic paradise and that is what an Archipelago essential is, a group of paradisiacal islands located relatively close together. These formations are most commonly found in saltwater environments, like oceans and seas. There are many archipelagos around the world including the beautiful Galapagos. Here we show you the most breathtaking archipelagos.

Bora Bora

The Polynesian archipelago is a popular destination among celebrities and influencers. Its white sandy beaches are beautiful and also expensive. This famous destination, known as the pacific’s pearl, is visited every year by 20,000 tourist. That’s why the islands are the  touristic symbol of Polynesia. There you can cool off in its pristine waters or bike around the island at a leisurely pace. You can climb its rocky slopes, Mount Otemanu. Also, for a taste of the local culture, you can take a jaunt into Vaitape.


The South Pacific islands of Fiji are another popular tourist destination. Due to its warm  climate most of the year, this archipelago is visited by many tourists every year. There are 322 islands in all but only 106 are inhabited, with the larger islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu being the most populated.

Galapagos Islands

This Islands are known as “the Enchanted Islands” and they certainly live up to the hype! Located in Ecuador, these Islands are home to a vast array of endemic wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. There’s beauty everywhere you look at because its landscapes are so varied. You’ll find everything from the best beaches in the world to the most breathtaking volcanoes.

Galapagos species also make this archipelago a really special place. That’s why Darwin chose it to study natural selection and the origin of species. Some of the most popular endemic species include The Giant Tortoises, Galapagos Land Iguanas, Blue and Red-footed boobies. Learn about  Galápagos’ wildlife here.

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