Ikala Galapagos Hotel



The brand new Ikala Hotel was built with a focus on sustainability and protecting the environment. The hotel is protected from the strong Galapagos sun by the surrounding beautiful trees and gardens giving to the whole ambiance a natural freshness. The hot water for the showers is entirely heated by solar energy and the garden’s lighting is also provided by photovoltaic solar panels.

The hotel features a lovely swimming pool, bar area, and a beautiful terrace located on top of the main building, where you can find the restaurant and resting area. The terrace has an incredible view to the Puerto Ayora harbor.

Ikala Hotel offers:

– 18 suites with private bathrooms, air conditioning, silent fans, and balconies.
– 3 rooms with private bathrooms, air conditioning, and silent fans.
– 1 two-story suite with a separate living and kitchen area on the lower level and the bedroom on the upper level.

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Ikala Hotel is located in the small city of Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island. The hotel is just one block away from the main pier, allowing you to easily reach the pier and the main streets of Puerto Ayora (Avenida Baltra and Avenida Charles Darwin) where you will find plenty of shops, restaurants, bars and other facilities.

A 10 minute walk to the east along the Avenida Charles Darwin, will get you to the famous Charles Darwin Station and to the Galapagos M. Cifuentes Visitor Center where you can now observe the embalmed body of Solitary George, the world famous giant Galapagos Turtle. You can also easily find Las Ninfas Lagoon, a beautiful natural retreat, just a five minute walk from the hotel.

Our attentive employees will be ready to help you with detailed information about the different attractions you can visit from our prime location in Puerto Ayora.


Once your flight arrives in Galapagos Baltra Island airport and after clearing customs and paying your Galapagos Park entrance fee, outside of the airport you will find the airport buses which will take you to the Itabaca channel which you can cross using a local ferry. On the other side of the channel,  you will find buses or taxis which will take you to Puerto Ayora. The whole transportation process takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Since Puerto Ayora is located on the south side of the island of Santa Cruz, it is important to point out that the city does not suffer from the marine fog (known locally as “garua”) that punishes the highest elevations of the island. This is why Puerto Ayora and the Ikala Hotel are free of mist and guests can enjoy sunny oceanside weather for much of the year. You can find additional weather information on this website that gives detailed information about the Galapagos Islands.