Galapagos Islands

A Guide To Floreana Island

The isolated Floreana Island is one of the most popular islands on the archipelago. Its biodiversity and variety of endemic species make it an excellent island to explore.  Keep reading to learn why you can’t overlook Floreana during your Galapagos trip. If you are curious of Galapagos’ unique species, click here.

An Isolated Paradise

The feeling of being on such an isolated island is kind of surreal. Imagine, a beautiful open landscape with perfect climate, blue sky, bright sun, turquoise water and white sand. It’s a mini paradise.

Floreana island is actually very small and the population is low, which is why visitors usually stay a shorter amount of time compared to other islands. However, because there isn’t a big population, nature lovers and explorers can really connect with the wildlife found on this island.

Attractions to visit

Something you won’t find anywhere else on the archipelago is the Post Office Bay. This is the main attraction in Floreana Island. It was the first post office of the Archipelago, established in 1793 by whalers.Although it is a tourist attraction today, it is still used as a post office, so tourists can send postcards and mails to their loved ones. How cool is that!

If you want to dive in the pristine waters surrounding the island and meet its unique marine wildlife, then Devil’s Crown is the perfect place for you. This eroded volcanic crater is a an underwater paradise, where travelers can enjoy snorkelling and see things like sharks, corals, tropical fishes and more.

Cormorant Point is another attraction of this island. It features two  beaches—the landing beach, which is known to have green-tinted sand, and carbonate beach, a popular nesting site for green sea turtles. There is also the best flamingo lagoon  between the two beaches

In case you stay at the island for a night,  are some great spots you can take a look. Asilo de la Paz is a 450-meter hill with breathtaking views.


Floreana Island needs special protection, as it has been altered by its human population. That’s why, there are many conservation efforts for educating inhabitants and tourists in sustainable methods. 

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