Galapagos Islands

All You Need To Know About Española Island

Española Island is one of the flattest islands in the Galapagos with one of the lowest elevations. Also, it’s among the oldest island in the archipelago. Also known as the Hood Island, it is a popular tourist stop. Read on to learn more about things to do about this extraordinary island.

Fauna & Flora

Española Island is famous for the species it is home to including the Waved Albatross, which nest on the island. They breed from April to December. Also, about 1500 tortoises live on the island, along with the endemic Española Mockingbird, Sea Lions, Land Iguanas, Marine Iguanas, Blue-Footed and Nazca Boobies.

The island climate is dry, in fact, due to the flatness of the island, it is the driest one. Despite this, the island has some flora, such as Acacia, Palo Verde, Salt brush, and Scrub Vegetation.

Things to do

The landscape of the island is strikingly beautiful. Among the black cliffs, you can observe friendly species that interact with the visitors. One of its greatest attractions is the incredible Gardner Bay which is perfect for swimming, kayaking, and snorkeling. The diverse marine life provides an ultimate snorkeling experience. You might spot some familiar faces including Green Sea Turtles, schools of colorful fish and Sea Lions.

The island is also a bird watcher’s’ paradise. In Punta Suarez, you’ll find several colonies of seabirds. This spot also offers breathtaking views, which is why photographers fill up the place. Imagine, astonishing high cliffs accompanied by blue-footed boobies, swallow-tailed gulls, albatrosse and Red-billed Tropicbirds. Due to its geographical features hiking is another popular activity on the island.

Conservancy efforts

Conservation efforts on Española Island have been successful. Giant Turtles on the island were almost extinct in 1960 due to the introduction of invasive species. However, thanks to improvements in research and management  turtles began breading again on the island in 1990. Waved Albatrosses are another endangered species.The population have decreased for a variety of reasons, including water pollution and oil spills. Currently, there’s an ongoing conservation process to protect them. Support these conservancy efforts by staying at an eco-friendly hotel and following Galapagos National Park rules, learn about it here.

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